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Andres Viana

Co-founder CTO

Andres Viana is a born technician. As an 11-year-old he tried to turn a small car engine into a mini lawn mower. Fortunately, fingers and other limbs were spared. But the ambition to make the impossible possible is still alive every day.

Pieter Slagter

Co-founder CEO

Born and raised in Groningen, then had a wonderful time in Amsterdam and now live with great pleasure in beautiful Naarden with my family. Still weekly found on the soccer fields of BFC in Bussum, even though it starts to squeak and crack a bit 🙂

What you can expect from us

Agnostic Approach

HubLogiQ is not tied to a particular supplier and has an agnostic approach. Our suppliers and associated products such as hardware and platforms are critically assessed. Not just on technology and performance, but also on support, documentation and certification. This way we can offer you the most transparent and best solution.


As an IoT specialist, we help customers find the right solution. This sounds very logical, but did you know that almost 75% of all realized IoT projects often do not meet expectations? HubLogiQ thinks about all aspects of your project and ensures that you are not faced with unexpected surprises.


The HubLogiQ team has over 10 years of experience in providing hardware, software and installation. Whether it concerns a GPS vehicle tracking system for your oldtimer or camper or setting up a LoRaWAN network or a complete Asset Tracking system of pallets or plastic crates, you have come to the right place at HubLogiQ.

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