Andres Viana

Andres Viana is a born technician. As an 11-year-old he tried to turn a small car engine into a mini lawn mower. Fortunately, fingers and other limbs were spared. But the ambition to make the impossible possible is still alive every day.

Pieter Slagter

Born and raised in Groningen, then had a wonderful time in Amsterdam and now live with great pleasure in beautiful Naarden with my family. Still weekly found on the soccer fields of BFC in Bussum, even though it starts to squeak and crack a bit 🙂

Let make something great together

How HubLogiQ started

HublogiQ consists of a diverse team of IoT experts and strives to always provide the best objective advice. A choice for an IoT solution has to do with so many aspects. For example: type of connectivity, housing, price, platform, security, user experience, battery life, frequency, etc. HubLogiQ has years of experience and will carefully weigh these elements and always convert them into the right advice.