About this case

For our client Hamer, we designed and implemented an IoT alarm system on all Shell LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) in Western Europe.

About Hamer'

Hamer’ is a family business with over 450 employees and has been in existence since 1938. They are a total supplier in the energy, industry, automotive, fuel supply and chemical and food industries.

The challenge

Hamer is responsible for the complete installation and maintenance of the LNG stations and security is of course the highest priority. For example, the LNG stations are completely switched off by pressing an available emergency button. This is often done accidentally by the driver of the truck. In the (old) situation, a person was alerted by the back office and they had to physically drive to it to reactivate the entire system.

Our solution

With our smart IoT solution, we solved the problem of long delays in reactivating the LNG stations. Hamer is now able to reactivate the entire security system at the station remotely. This saves a lot of time and also prevents a lot of annoyance from the drivers present at the filling stations.

The back office is alerted with push notifications, SMS and e-mail when the emergency button is pressed and is now able to immediately check and take action by checking the cameras placed at each station. When the situation is safe again, the entire system is reactivated by sending commands through the HubLogiQ platform. They also use our solution to remotely reset the entire system.

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