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Car rental

With a tailor-made IoT solution, everything is possible in the field of car rental. This includes tracking vehicles, being alerted in time when a vehicle needs to be maintained, viewing kilometers driven, reading speed, etc.

Courier services

Courier services are essential to get your mail or parcels from A to B. With the use of IoT devices, you can easily gain insight into all the necessary data from your vehicles, so that you can track the trips and maintain your vehicles on time. You can also improve your processes based on the data, saving you time and money.

Monitoring electricity networks

By connecting different IoT devices, electricity networks can be monitored remotely, giving you easy insight into all malfunctions and error messages. This can save time and money.

Construction and infrastructure

With the help of IoT solutions, innovation can be done more quickly in the construction and infrastructure industry. For example, monitor energy consumption, the impact on the environment, light radiation and sound. Or read the data of machines and vehicles, such as the live location, error messages and when maintenance is required.

Glass racks and roll containers

Geconditioneerd transport is het vervoer van bederfelijke goederen in een gecontroleerde atmosfeer. Dit betreft gekoeld en verwarmd transport. Het is belangrijk dat de temperatuur constant gemeten wordt en dat de aangesloten temperatuurregelaar hierop reageert. Zo kunt u de goederen vervoeren zonder dat u zich zorgen hoeft te maken over de temperatuur.

Micro Mobility

Micro mobility refers to small to medium-sized means of transport for traveling short distances. Think of electric scooters, mobility scooters and electric scooters. These vehicles are widely rented in cities and many say that this is the future of urban transport. But this requires more than just the vehicles. To rent out these vehicles, IoT devices are needed and you also need a good system to track the vehicles, for example.

Car Sharing

Many see shared cars as the future of transport. It’s quick, easy and cheaper if you don’t use the car often/once or don’t have room for a car. The market is growing rapidly and there are more and more shared cars on the streets, but to realize these shared cars, IoT devices must be used that work together to make the shared car system work.

Smart City

More and more machines, objects and people are connected to the internet and generate data. By connecting this data, we can make our environment smarter, more efficient and safer. For example, systems can be made to automatically adjust the light from the street lamps to the number of people in a street. Or traffic jams can be avoided by the available data about the traffic on the roads. In short, anything is possible.

Transport and logistics

In the transport and logistics industry, IoT can be used to organize processes as effectively and efficiently as possible. With the right solution you can save time and money. We at HublogiQ are happy to help you with the best tailor-made IoT solutions for transport and logistics. There are many possibilities in the field of IoT, such as the timely maintenance of vehicles and the live tracking of the goods.

Water management

In the field of water management, a lot is possible using IoT solutions. Measure water quality or reduce water consumption by monitoring and analyzing consumption. Water management is a broad term so a customized solution is important so that the solution fulfills all your needs.


Machine to machine (M2M) is direct communication between machines that are wired or wireless. M2M communication can transfer information like temperature, stock etc. to application software
that can use it to adjust processes or to place orders to replenish inventory.

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