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HubLogiQ is your partner for almost any IoT (Internet of Things) solution. We create custom IoT solutions that fit your needs.

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Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is the method you use to track your physical assets. With our solutions you can see the location and other data from your assets in realtime. A good Asset tracking system saves you time and money, because you can reduce your administrative costs or optimise your systems.

Fleet Management

A lot is possible with IoT in the field of fleet management, such as live tracking of vehicles, knowing in time which vehicle needs maintenance, tracking the hours driven in the vehicles and reading much more data. With a good IoT solution, time and money can be saved, because fewer man hours are needed and because the processes can be optimized.

Conditioned Transport

Conditioned transport is the transport of perishable goods in a controlled atmosphere. This concerns cooled and heated transport. It is important that the temperature is measured constantly and that the connected temperature controller responds to this. This way you can transport the goods without worrying about the temperature.

Tool Tracking

With the help of IoT, a lot is possible in the field of tool tracking. This involves the use of a small tracker that can be mounted on the tools. With this tracker, your tools can be easily found if they are stolen or lost and you can see the location of your tools live.

trip registration

With a trip registration in your administration, you can prove that you have not driven more than 500 kilometers privately on an annual basis. With the help of IoT, the trips can be registered automatically and you no longer have to spend time on this.

Tachograph Reading

With our Tachograph reading solutions you never have to manually download the .ddd files of your vehicles or driver cards: all files are downloaded automatically, no matter where your vehicles or drivers are located. The files are encrypted and sent wirelessly to your secure file storage within the HublogiQ Cloud. So we offer a simple custom made system for you or your business which reads the tachographs automatically and saves it. This way you don’t have to do this manually anymore and you can save money and be more efficient.


Telematics is a way to keep an eye on a vehicle through a system of tracking devices, sensors and software that communicate wirelessly. These systems provide an easy way to monitor and track your vehicles. Telematics combines navigation, safety, security and communication into one convenient piece of technology that fits in a vehicle’s dashboard. 


Monitor the data of your machines or vehicles easily using IoT (Internet Of Things) and see this data clearly in a simple software. There are many possibilities in the field of monitoring with IoT so a customized solution is important.

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