HubLogiQ Created Live Tracking For The “La Vuelta 2022”

Andres Viana

Andres Viana


The Tour of Spain 2022 is a multi-day cycling race that was held in the Netherlands and Spain between August 19 and September 11, 2022. The race started from Utrecht in the Netherlands and ended in Madrid. This year was the 77th edition of this cycling race.

How Did We Contribute To The Succes Of "La Vuelta 2022"?

Commissioned by the Municipality of Utrecht and the project organization, our partner Argaleo have developed the digital twin for La Vuelta Holanda. This integral dashboard provided real-time information about the event’s safety, mobility and crowd management.

For this project, HubLogiQ provided real-time GPS tracking of the most important vehicles of the organization. Because of the GPS tracking the security team had a good view of the location of the commercial vehicles and the peloton. Some (police)cars and motorcycles were brought in last minute and despite this last-minute installation of the hardware, the data was visualized instantly in Digitwin of Argaleo. This gave a lot of reassurance to the operations and security members of La Vuelta Holanda.

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