Ultra-rugged battery-powered GPS asset tracking device featuring 10+ years battery life

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All-in try pakket LoRaWAN

Want to be able to use your tracker right away? Then choose our All-in try package. This package includes:
- Plug and play solution
- 1 year license
- IoT platform
- Batteries
- Connectivity
- Support

*contact us if you want a custom package for multiple devices


The Digital Matter Oyster3 is an ultra-rugged battery-powered GPS asset tracking device for LoRaWAN networks, featuring 10 years of battery life. It supports All 868, 902-928MHz LoRaWAN® regions. Powered by off-the-shelf Lithium or Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) batteries, this GPS tracker can operate in extreme temperatures. 

In addition to that, The Oyster3 is IP67 waterproof and can withstand fine dust, high-pressure spray and extreme temperatures. The GPS asset tracker can also save battery power by entering sleep mode when stationary, switching the update rate to twice a day.

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