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More and more machines, objects and people are connected to the internet and generate data. By connecting this data, we can make our environment smarter, more efficient and safer. For example, systems can be made to automatically adjust the light from the street lamps to the number of people in a street. Or traffic jams can be avoided by the available data about the traffic on the roads. In short, anything is possible.

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Benefits and possibilities for smart cities with IoT:

Advantages Of Smart City With HubLogiQ

Custom solutions

We make custom solutions that fit your needs

easy installation

We make the installation of our solutions as fast and easy as possible

Innovative solutions

We love to look out of the box and find innovative solutions

Our Reviews

"HubLogiQ has helped us with a Sensor kit that measures the quality of the water, air and soil before, during and after a construction project. This way we can monitor the living environment and see what impact the construction has on this."
- WeCity
"Thanks to HubLogiQ's IoT solution, we now have an IoT alarm system at all Shell LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) stations. This makes our work a lot easier, as we are now notified remotely when something is wrong with one of the stations."
- Hamer’
“We needed a solution for tracking and monitoring mobility scooters in the Efteling and in Beekse Bergen safari park and HubLogiQ was able to help us with this. Because of the tracking devices we can remotely see all data from battery status to location.”
- Scootpallet

Case Studies


IoT project of the year 2022

This is the third year that Wialon hosts the “IoT project of the year”. The contest recognizes and honors the best telematics and IoT projects delivered within the last 12 months. It allows the telematics service providers from different countries to highlight their innovative solutions that have already changed and keep changing businesses in various domains.

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Frequently asked questions about Smart City

Yes there is for example one with a co2 sensor, ground sensor and an ic water sensor.

Yes we are willing to work with all governments.

Sound, light, crowd control, traffic, water level and quality, soil quality, co2, particulate matter and much more.

Yes, you can find all the products that we work with in our webshop, so you can shop what you need.

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