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Connecting your assets, devices and people to the IoT is more than just using technology to bring new data , intelligence and profits to your operations. Its transparent custom solutions that help your specific problems.

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We have more than 10+ years of experience supplying hardware, software, and installation. If you are a small or large company, we know how to tackle your challenges.


We are the only IoT solutions provider that is not tied to any manufacturer. We don’t get any benefits from using certain types of devices. We are always critically assessing hardware suppliers for you, not only on technology and performance but also on support, documentation, and certification. This way we can give you the most transparent and best solutions.

Customer first

We are easy to reach and always ready to help if you run into problems or have any questions. We won’t pressure or force you to buy anything or unnecessarily long binding contracts. We are agnostic in our problem-solving and therefore assured of honest and realistic advice.

Custom solutions

No two cases are the same, we look first at the problem before we provide a solution. We are flexible in our approach. It is guaranteed that our solution will work for your specific problem. We provide no cookie-cutter work.

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You can decide how long your contracts last. No sneaky clauses.

 You can always call us and we can look for a solution. The sky’s is not the limit!

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Increase revenue and reduce cost with custom IoT solutions

The time for operational excellence is now
Worth €200

Keeping track and organizing things in your business is hard.

You have a lot of moving parts and things that consistently need to be managed.

Your business is special and has it is own challenges. You need to know how IoT fits you best. IoT should become more accessible than it is now.

That is why we started HubLogiQ – to independently give the best custom IoT solutions.

For over 10 years we have helped over … companies with their problems with the power of IoT. We would love to help with your problems too.

Andres Viana

Pieter Slagter